At All Times – Remember God’s Goodness

James 1:17 shows us God’s Goodness:

goodness-of-god-photo-of-woman-smelling-flower“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.”

This verse reminds us that all of the good things we have come from God. Even something as simple as how much we enjoy our favorite food or drink comes from God. It shows us God’s goodness, and He never changes.

Praise does exactly what this verse does.

It reminds us of God’s goodness toward us and around us. It gives us the right view of God.  Psalm 69:30 says “I will praise the name of God with song, And magnify Him with thanksgiving.”

Notice where it says “…magnify Him with thanksgiving.” When we magnify something we make it larger in our own sight. The object being magnified doesn’t actually grow, but it grows in our eyes. When we praise God, we open our eyes to see Him in His greatness.

goodness-of-god-photo-of-person-standing-on-rock-over-oceanWhen we stop praising God our heart becomes hard toward Him and we’ll start to forget everything He’s done for us.

The real danger of this is that we give the devil an open to door to shift our focus from the goodness of God to the disappointments of life.

We will start to forget James 1:17 and think to ourselves, “If God only gives good things, then why did this bad thing happen?” Instead of seeing all of the amazing things and people that God has brought into our lives to bless us, we will allow the devil to point a microscope at the few things that are going wrong – creating a doubt of God’s goodness in our minds.

This is turning Psalm 69:30 around and magnifying doubt, unbelief, and negativity instead of God. We do this when we talk about it and focus on it more than we do God. There is even a countless number of songs about being sad, broke, tired, etc. So, if we don’t have the words to talk about it, we can sing along with someone else. If we are constantly talking about how we lost our job, how often we get sick, or any other thing that happens to us, we are magnifying that situation over the power of God.goodness-of-god-photo-of-sunset-1

This means that God and His goodness becomes smaller in our sight, while our problem becomes larger.

So, don’t allow the disappointments of life to distract you from remembering God’s goodness or praising Him. Keep Jesus first and His Kingdom the greatest thing in your life. Magnify Him by singing to Him, thanking Him, and keeping your mind set on Him. Don’t let the devil steal your praise.  When he tries to attack your life, that’s one of the first things he’ll go after. If you don’t let him have it, he’ll never defeat you.

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