At All Times – Praise

We’ve all been in church during praise and worship and seen other people lifting their hands and singing, and wondered “Why?”

Why do we sing in church?

For those of us that grew up in church we sing because it’s what we’ve always done. Church always begins with a few songs. It’s our tradition. Even those of us who didn’t grow up in church know that when we go to church there will be singing. If we only have praise and worship in church because it’s our tradition, we miss out on its power.

What is the time of praise and worship about?

It’s not for the people on the platform to show how talented they are. It’s not to take up time in a service. We do it to honor and glorify God for His goodness in our lives. consistent praise and worship at all times

That’s what “praise” is. It’s thanking God for what He’s done, but more importantly, who He is. He’s our Father, our Savior, our strength, our Helper and so much more, and He’s worthy of our praise.

That’s why we begin our church services with singing to Him, because He’s the reason we’re all together in the first place.

However, we need to know that praising God shouldn’t be confined to the inside of our church. Psalm 34:1 says “I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” We should wake up every morning with thankfulness and praise to God. We should go through our day thanking Him.

Don’t just limit it to singing either. You can speak your gratitude to God. Thank Him for all the good things He’s doing for you and for your family.

When we’re afraid or insecure in areas of our lives we should thank God for being our strength.

When we’re going through a rough time in our marriages we should praise God that He gives us peace and provision in the middle of our battles.

What this will do for us is take our eyes off our problems and focus them on the only One who can solve them; God.

This is only a small look into how participating in praise and worship when we go to church, and thanking God on a daily basis will change our lives. In the next few weeks we’re going to take a deeper look at praise and how it transforms us.

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