At All Times pt 5

Throughout the week we can get caught up listening and giving attention to many things that aren’t of God.

If we’re going through a rough patch in our marriage, we’ll think about that and turn every situation and argument over in our minds. If we’re out of a job, then we’ll think about what we need to do to get one and what’s going to happen if we don’t. One area that causes us to be easily distracted is when we are attacked by sickness. It makes us focus on ourselves and getting better, while shutting out most everything else. Whatever it is, we’ll overthink it, and if we can’t figure out the solution on our own, we’ll get worried and that’s when the devil will go to work on us.

He’ll take that one situation and make it the biggest thing in our lives. In reality, what we do with that situation and our worry is make it the Lord of our life. We wake up thinking about it. We mull it over throughout the day, and we go to sleep thinking about it. If it’s really taken hold in our minds, we may even dream about it.

There is an answer…

Praise and worship pulls us out of that downward spiral and opens the door for the power of God to move in our lives. There are many stories about people being healed, saved, delivered, receiving words from God, and much more when they were praising Him. Why does this happen?

Psalm 22:3 says “But thou art holy, O thou (God) that inhabits the praises of Israel.” Other translations say that God is “enthroned” on the praises of His people. This means that when we lift our hands and voices to God, He comes and sits with us, and takes His proper place of power and authority. We are reminded that He is Lord, and we experience what’s called His manifested presence.

In His manifested presence we are only aware of God. The noise of the world and our problems are drowned out by His goodness and love for us. In these times we are surrendered to God, and it opens us up to hear and be changed by Him.

Praise drowns out the distractions of life and focuses our mind on Jesus and His voice. What we’re seeking will be found in praise, because God will always inhabit the praises of His people.

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