At All Times – Thankfulness

Thankfulness.  Where does that word fit into your life?  How many times a day do we use the phrase “Thank You?”

I would be willing to guess, and we would all agree that it’s probably not as often as we should. However, these are two words that could change our lives.  Thankfulness is where we should start is when we’re talking to God.

Being thankful is essential in praising God. The two go hand in hand. When we praise Him we’re thanking Him for who He is and what He’s done in our lives.

Thankfulness isn’t something we’re born with, though. It’s an attitude of the At All Times -- Thankfulnessheart that God develops in us. It takes humility to say “thank you,” because it requires us to know that we couldn’t do something on our own. We thank Jesus for saving us, because we were impossibly lost in sin without Him. We continue from there thanking God for everything He provides knowing that He’s the source of all good things in our lives.

That’s how God cultivates thankfulness in us. We start with the big things and then God starts to open our eyes to all of the other good things He’s done for us. Over time we don’t have to try as hard to have a thankful attitude, because God has softened our heart.

When we have a heart of thankfulness toward God it will undoubtedly spill over into the rest of our lives, and change every area the way it changes our relationship with God.

Think about how different our marriages could be if we thanked God for our spouses instead wondering why God hasn’t fixed them yet. If we praise God for the gift of our spouse our mindset about them will change and the way we treat them will change, and our marriages will be transformed through the power of praise.

This is the just beginning. Our whole lives could be changed by allowing God to develop a heart of thanksgiving in us. We can start by thanking God for the impossible things He’s done and let Him open our eyes to everything else we have to be thankful for.

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