Hope Brings the Expectation of Joy

We live in a world that is mostly cynical. The majority of what we see and hear through mass media is negative, and even people’s personal social media is negative. We’ll even look for how something can go wrong before we ever even imagine how it could go right. This is because we live in … Read moreHope Brings the Expectation of Joy

The Reality of God’s Joy pt 2

In John 10:10 Jesus said “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” We need to know that joy is an integral piece of this abundant life. We can have everything we think we want, but if we don’t have joy, then … Read moreThe Reality of God’s Joy pt 2

God’s Reality of Joy

One of the most obvious differences between God’s reality and man’s reality is that the things of God’s reality are eternal and unchanging. The reality of man is constantly changing, though. One day everything is going well, and the next day the sky is falling. This is because man’s reality doesn’t have a foundation. Everything … Read moreGod’s Reality of Joy

Righteousness, Peace and Joy

This is a piece of our 3rd teaching of our current series Own It.

Keeping God’s Peace Always

Psalm 85:10 says “Loving kindness and truth have met together; Righteousness and peace have kissed each other.” This verse is talking about God coming to earth as a man in the person of Jesus. When He came to the earth He was the exact representation of God’s nature, and continues as such. In Him loving … Read moreKeeping God’s Peace Always

The Reality of God’s Righteousness

Righteousness not only affects how we relate to God, it affects how we relate to other people. When we believe that we are righteous in Christ and that we have God’s approval,  it gives us an inner confidence. This confidence isn’t based on any of our own talents, abilities, or anything we think we can … Read moreThe Reality of God’s Righteousness

The Reality of God’s Approval

There are so many of us who live our entire lives searching for God’s approval. Not only do we think that we have to earn His approval, we live thinking that God is angry with us.  Or, if He isn’t angry, He’s watching us like a hawk, waiting for us to mess up so He … Read moreThe Reality of God’s Approval

The Reality of God’s Grace

Every human need was met when Jesus died, resurrected, and ascended into heaven. At the Cross man’s work was overpowered by God’s grace. Man’s need of approval was more than met by God’s gift of righteousness. Jesus’ stripes opened the door for the healing of any sickness. Christ’s sacrifice gave all of mankind the opportunity … Read moreThe Reality of God’s Grace

God’s Reality in Peace

Living in God’s reality will cause us to realize what it means to live in peace. To discover peace, we must break out of living in the flesh, the carnal reality, and start living in God’s reality by submitting ourselves to God (James 4:7). To submit to God we have to realize that He is … Read moreGod’s Reality in Peace

The Reality of God – Part II

Carnal isn’t a word that we hear or use every day. What does it really mean? The word “carnal” actually means “of the five senses.” When we are ruled by the five physical senses we are carnal. It’s the same as being dominated by what the Bible calls “the flesh.” The flesh is that part … Read moreThe Reality of God – Part II

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