Words Chosen From The Heart

God’s motivation for creation was His Father’s heart. He desired a family to pour out all of His love and grace; so He created a perfect world as a home for Adam and Eve. He created and spoke what was in His heart.  Through His words, what was in His heart became physical reality. We’ve … Read more

The Abundant Life: Faith To Live It

We receive everything from God by faith through grace. Our salvation, the Holy Spirit and all of His blessings come to us when we believe and speak. When we push past our doubts, preconceived ideas, fears, and trust our Heavenly Father, we will see His will happen in and through us. “Faith assures us of … Read more

God’s Kingdom: A New Citizenship

When we are born again, we we have a new citizenship. There was a body of sin that was left behind after we were born again, but it is a dead body.  It was the part of us that was connected to the world. That body was a citizen of the world. It followed the … Read more

God’s Kingdom – A New System

Because of Adam’s sin we were born into a place, or a system, of sin. We aren’t sinners because we sin. We’re sinners because of the system we’re born under. When we are born again we are moved out of the system of sin and into God’s kingdom. “For He rescued us from the domain … Read more

Fear of Failure

One of the greatest fears in the world is the fear of failure. The fear of failure stops us from living life the way God intended. It causes us to settle for jobs that are below our potential.  This fear keeps us from becoming the husband or wife that we know we could be.  It … Read more

For Love or Hate?

When advocating change, taking a stand for a cause, is it done out of love or hate? “It (Love) is not conceited (arrogant and inflated with pride); it is not rude (unmannerly) and does not act unbecomingly. Love (God’s love in us) does not insist on its own rights or its own way, for it … Read more

Perfect Relationship with Our Father

Jesus has a perfect relationship with His Father. Jesus was assured of His Father’s love for Him. He knew that His Father loved and accepted Him. He knew that His Father heard Him when He prayed. We see the confidence He had in that relationship in the pages of the Gospels.  A terrible misconception among … Read more

Searching For…

Everyone is searching. We are searching for love, acceptance and a myriad of other desires.  This is because everyone is born with a deep, inner longing for a relationship with God.  Sadly, many people don’t realize what the longing is for and try to satisfy it with other things. We don’t realize that the desire … Read more

God Is A Father

God is a Father. The fact that God is a Father is proven by His loving actions toward His children throughout history; first the Israelites, then the Israelites and the Church. We also see proof of His fatherhood in the way His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, referred to Him. Jesus almost exclusively called … Read more

Fear of God – What Does That Mean?

When the Bible talks about the fear of God it does not mean to be terrified of His anger and punishment. The “fear of God” means reverential awe. It means to be in awe of all that He’s done and all that He is.  However, many of us live our lives with an unfounded fear … Read more

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