Order or Chaos: Priority

ORDER-OR-CHAOS-Priority-True-Identity-QuoteThe world we live in rebels against order and authority. 

We think if we place ourselves under authority, then we are giving up our identity and our freedom.  However, the kingdom of God does not work this way.  We find our true identity and the greatest freedom when we willingly place ourselves under God’s authority.

The first step in seeing order prevail over chaos in our lives is making Jesus our main priority.

Putting anything else in front of Him is a sign of our trying to live by our own power. Anything we prioritize above Jesus is something we think we can do without Him. Giving Christ preeminence in our lives allows His grace to work.

When we get the first step wrong, everything after it follows suit. This is exactly what happened to Adam and Eve. They were given paradise to live in, the authority to rule it and a perfect, simple order to follow. Everything was working in perfect harmony and one seed of doubt planted in Eve’s mind put all of creation back into chaos.

ORDER-OR-CHAOS-Priority-Matthew-QuoteWe invite disorder when we abandon the order God has established.

Our heavenly Father is so loving, though, that He does not make His established order difficult to achieve. In the Old Testament mankind was required to keep God’s laws, and when they disobeyed war, famine and poverty ensued.  Now we live in a time when Jesus has fulfilled the law, so He tells us to do one thing.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33(NASB)

God will bring all the things we seek and desire to us when we have given the rule of our lives to Jesus.  This goes far beyond any physical thing.  What we’re really after is peace.  What we really need is power.  Both of these things, and others like them, can and will always be found inside God’s established order with Jesus at the forefront.  

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