Order or Chaos: How Do You Live?

Chaos has been around since the beginning of timeORDER-OR-CHAOS-God-intervened-quote

Chapter one of Genesis tells the story of God creating the heavens and the earth, and everything in them. The second verse says that the earth was “formless and void.” This means that the world was in a state of chaos and turmoil. So, God intervened.

The first thing God spoke into existence was light. This wasn’t the creation of the sun and the moon, though. Those would come later. “Light” in this verse means order. Before our heavenly Father could create the land, trees, fish, or Adam and Eve, He had to speak order into existence. It would be the canvas on which He painted the rest of creation. The foundation of His world had to be order, because it would be the standard for everything else He made.

All of creation works inside of an ordered system. The seasons change in time, the gravitational pull of the moon controls the tide and our hearts pump blood through our bodies. These systems work in the timing in which God made them to work. When the timing is off, creation is thrown back into chaos.

God made our lives to work in order.

When we try to live outside of it, we throw ourselves into chaos. Our lives will become formless and void. He is what gives us purpose and meaning. The only place to find it is in relationship with Him.

This is why the devil showed up in the Garden of Eden. He tempted Adam and Eve out of God’s beautiful order in an attempt to let chaos dominate the earth once again. However, God already planned for that. He knew Adam and Eve would sin and that He would have to expel them from the Garden. He already knew He was going to make a way for mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ. ORDER-OR-CHAOS-Story-quote

This is not just the story of the beginning of creation. It’s the story of all of our lives.

We live in a chaotic, purposeless world before we meet our heavenly Father. He saves us through His Son, Jesus and opens our eyes to who we really are. He brings us into His order and His system, giving us the opportunity to prosper inside of it.

If your life seems chaotic and without direction, stay with me for these next blog posts.  I’ll teach you how to live in God’s systems and experience His new life.

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