Righteousness pt 4

Every season, year, or decade always has its own trends. Eventually, things fall out of style, a new trend takes their place and the cycle continues. These trends are usually based upon the opinions of celebrities, editors of magazines and websites or the masses.

Sometimes we get caught up in these fads because we see everyone else doing it and we don’t want to get left behind. We think that we’re just going with the crowd, but, if we look deeper into it, what we’re really doing is following the opinion of a few.

There are those of us who would say, “I don’t follow the popular fads. I have my own style, opinions, etc.” But how often do we mold ourselves to better fit the people we live with every day? How do we let what other people think about us change us?

This isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes people think more highly of us than we do about ourselves, and it helps us reach new levels in our lives. There are those who think that we are not worthy of their time and

won’t hesitate to show us through their words and actions.

The mistake we make is trying to earn these people’s approval. We think that if we can conform ourselves to become what they want, then, they will love us and approve of us. That isn’t true.

The same way fashion trends change with the seasons, people’s opinions about us change with their moods. We will exhaust ourselves trying to be what they want, because when we do meet their standard, they will change it. While we’re trying to do this, we will completely miss who God wants us to be on the way.

What we forget while striving for man’s acceptance is that man’s acceptance is unstable. When we try to build our life on it we will be unstable as well.

What would happen if we stopped trying to earn everyone’s approval? What if we based our identity on being the righteousness of God in Christ?

Unlike man, God’s standard doesn’t change. That’s because His standard was met in the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Since we are in Christ we have met God’s standard. There is nothing we need to

do to try to earn God’s approval. There is nothing we can do to earn it. It is ours in Christ.

We don’t have to be insecure wondering if we are good enough for God. Righteousness removes the need to measure up. Jesus Christ measured up for us.

We don’t live in confusion about how God feels about us. His love for us was proven when He gave His only son Jesus. (John 3:16).

We’ll stop participating in the rat race of trying to win man’s approval when we realize that God’s love and approval is all we need, and that we already have it.

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