Where Does Anger Come From?

Where does anger come from? There is anger that comes from pride. There is righteous anger at injustices and evil, and there is anger that comes from fear. Many times anger grows out of a fear that we are the victims of injustices.We think that people are always plotting against us, talking about us behind … Read moreWhere Does Anger Come From?

Unconditional Love: Relationship or Religion

We are created by God to be in relationship with Him and to know Him intimately. We all have different talents and abilities, and a specific calling given to us by our heavenly Father. But the greatest thing we can ever do is to have relationship with Him.  That is to know and love Him, … Read moreUnconditional Love: Relationship or Religion

Joy of the Lord

When we don’t tap into the spiritual fruit of joy, we negate our source of strength. “…Do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”(Nehemiah 8:10b) The truth of this verse turns the world’s definition of strength upside down. The world wants us to think that strength is the ability to … Read moreJoy of the Lord

Looking Beyond Pain

We should never allow our pain to make us cold and insensitive to God. How do we look beyond the pain though? By responding to hurt the way our Father tells us to. We imitate Jesus. What did Jesus do in the middle of the most painful moment of His life? He looked ahead to … Read moreLooking Beyond Pain

Fix Your Eyes

We are all carrying, or have carried, hurts from our past. If we let them, these wounds have the power to influence our decisions for the rest of our lives. We give our pain this power when we are continually thinking about it, replaying it in our minds or coming up with ways that it … Read moreFix Your Eyes

Establishing The Heart

The Bible uses the word “heart” over 700 times. That should prove that God wants us to understand what the heart is and why it is so important. Many times the Bible is referring to the spirit of man when it says “heart”. This is the part of us that is completely saved and regenerated … Read moreEstablishing The Heart

Righteousness pt 11

It might seem odd to say this, but most of us don’t give much thought to our thoughts. I know we can have thoughts that don’t have any real significance: like what we’re going to have for lunch. However, I want to talk about the deep thoughts of our hearts. These are the thoughts that … Read moreRighteousness pt 11


Righteousness is a beautiful gift from God, self-righteousness is not. The ability to stand before God without fear, inferiority or shame takes us to a whole new level of relationship with God. There’s no more running or hiding in shame because of our sins. Jesus took all of our sin into Himself on the Cross. … Read moreSelf-Righteousness

Righteousness pt 3

It’s safe to say that unless we were in a desperate situation we would never ask a favor from someone we believed disapproved of us. We’d expect that they would say “no” without thinking twice. When we don’t stand in our righteousness in Christ this is exactly how we’ll approach prayer. We know we need … Read moreRighteousness pt 3

Righteousness pt 2

When we’re around people that we know don’t approve of us, we act differently. We don’t show our real personality. Our natural instinct is to avoid eye contact and maybe even leave altogether. If we don’t shrink ourselves to avoid being noticed, we’ll act bigger than we are. We’ll be louder than normal. We’ll try … Read moreRighteousness pt 2

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