Made To Be Unique

We all have an innate desire to be unique. Nobody truly desires to blend in; we want to stand out from the crowd. God placed this desire to be unique in us. He created each of us to different from one another. He rejoices in our individuality because He put it there. God does not … Read moreMade To Be Unique

Be A Source of Great Good

Be a source of great good to others. Last week, I shared with you the importance of praising God, our source, after we receive our harvest. We should also be generous with what we’ve been given. God never intends for us to receive our harvest and immediately turn inward, only focusing on ourselves. “And I … Read moreBe A Source of Great Good

Moving Beyond Yourself

When we decide to follow God’s plan we need to know that it’s going to lead us to new places. We will no longer live or look like the world. The majority of people live in isolation. They are either alone or only concerned with their immediate family. God calls us to move beyond ourselves. … Read moreMoving Beyond Yourself

Guard Against Disappointment

Any disappointment we have experienced or are experiencing is not from God. He did not decide that our lives were going too smoothly and we needed to face some hard times so we could stay in touch with reality. However, we make the mistake of thinking that God puts disappointment and hardships on us. “Let … Read moreGuard Against Disappointment

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