Recognizing a Hardened Heart

There are many people who read books and articles or hear sermons about a hardened heart and immediately start thinking about everyone else in their life, because there is no way they could be talking about them. However, that kind of thinking is a sign of a hardened heart. If we refuse to see the … Read moreRecognizing a Hardened Heart

Righteousness pt 2

When we’re around people that we know don’t approve of us, we act differently. We don’t show our real personality. Our natural instinct is to avoid eye contact and maybe even leave altogether. If we don’t shrink ourselves to avoid being noticed, we’ll act bigger than we are. We’ll be louder than normal. We’ll try … Read moreRighteousness pt 2


We all come into this world separated from God because of Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden. One act against God caused everyone in history to be born into sin. Ever since mankind was locked out of the Garden we’ve been trying to find a way back to God. Different people call it different … Read moreRighteousness

God’s House pt 1

Each week this month you will be able to see just a portion of our recent series God’s House. Let me know what you think and share with others. Have a great day and blessed week.

At All Times – Praise

We’ve all been in church during praise and worship and seen other people lifting their hands and singing, and wondered “Why?” Why do we sing in church? For those of us that grew up in church we sing because it’s what we’ve always done. Church always begins with a few songs. It’s our tradition. Even … Read moreAt All Times – Praise

God The Father: who is He to you?

We all have a different experience with our father. Some of us have memories of a great father who was present and active in our lives. Others may remember a father who was there, but was absent. And some of us probably never knew our fathers. However, this does not remove our need for a … Read moreGod The Father: who is He to you?

Self-Manufactured Traps

When we get saved it’s not an act of pride. None of us thought that we were doing God a favor when we invited Jesus to live in our hearts and change our lives. No, it was an act of humility. We knew we needed a savior. We knew that our lives needed to change. … Read moreSelf-Manufactured Traps

Self-Manufactured Faith

In Matthew fourteen we read the famous story of Jesus walking on the water in the middle of a great storm. The disciples are in a boat, being tossed by the waves, and see Jesus walking toward them. They’re afraid because they think He’s a ghost. Jesus says in verse 27 “Don’t be afraid. I … Read moreSelf-Manufactured Faith

Speaking the Realities of Heaven

We’ve been doing a lot of comparing and contrasting for the past few weeks; talking about God’s reality and man’s reality. We need to see that God’s reality is greater. It’s where He intends for us to live. We need to know that we have all of God’s peace, grace and prosperity at our fingertips. … Read moreSpeaking the Realities of Heaven

Letting God Define Your Hope

Hope is probably one of the most misused words in the English language. When we say”we’re hoping for something”, what we really mean is that we’re just wishing for it; we really want it to happen, but we doubt that it will. We hope for a raise or promotion at work. We hope for our … Read moreLetting God Define Your Hope

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