The Reality of God’s Joy pt 2

joyful childIn John 10:10 Jesus said “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” We need to know that joy is an integral piece of this abundant life. We can have everything we think we want, but if we don’t have joy, then we won’t be satisfied. This will cause us to keep stockpiling things like cars, houses, clothes, relationships, experiences, etc. in our search for satisfaction.

The truth we should find in our search for satisfaction or joy, is that joy is not found in material things or even our human relationships. This is because God created us to find joy in Him and Him alone.

That’s why when we get saved and start living the Christian life an angel doesn’t show up at our door with our dream car, the keys to a perfect house, and a perfect spouse. What God does give us is the Holy Spirit and His nine fruit, one of which is joy.

God gives us joy so we can take it to the rest of our lives. He doesn’t put joy in things that will wear out and fail with use and time. He puts it in our recreated spirit and it flows from there.

When we have joy inside of us it powerfully changes the rest of our lives. We carry our cheerfulness and calm delight to everywhere we go.

We no longer have to get frustrated every time our children disobey us, because God’s joy is in us; and it isn’t dependent on our children’s behavior. We can see our children for what they really are, a gift from God. Do we want them to clean up their room? Yes. Do we want them to obey the first time? Yes. However, we don’t blow our top when they don’t, because we aren’t controlled by the actions of others. We are steadily cheerful with the joy of the Lord.

Imagine how this could change our marriages. What if we were able to keep our cool in what could be a heated argument? We can do this by allowing God to be the source of our joy. If He is our source then we won’t need to try and find joy in winning an argument with our spouse. We find joy in reconciling with them, because God is a God of reconciliation.

Joy makes us steady. It can keep us on an even keel. We don’t go up and down with circumstances. We approach everything we do, every relationship we’re in, with the cheerfulness and calm delight of God’s joy living large inside of us.

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