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Trust is a word that we hear often.

In over thirty years of pastoring in the same city, in the same church I’ve had the amazing privilege to see multitudes of people come to Jesus, placing their trust in Him for their salvation. They are from all different walks of life, and they all have their own reasons. Sometimes they’re sitting in church, and they come to the realization that they have a real need for Christ. They could be in hard place in their life financially, in a relationship, or maybe just in themselves. The reason they come to Jesus isn’t something to get caught up on. God will take us in whatever way, or condition we come to Him. The most important thing is that we accept Jesus, and learn to trust Him.

Trust 1 - Photo of WaterSalvation is the starting point of trusting Him.

It says in Romans 5:2 that through faith in Jesus we are introduced to His grace. It says that we’ve only been introduced to God’s grace, now that we’re saved we learn how to trust Him in all areas of our lives. Trusting God isn’t an event, it’s a day by day process. We shouldn’t get frustrated with ourselves when we realize we haven’t been trusting God for something. We should look at it as an opportunity to start letting Him provide for us, instead of trying to work it out ourselves.

Trust 1 - Photo of Woman by WaterThe main thing we have to do in learning how to trust God is renew our minds to His Word.

I think that Romans 12:2 is a hinging verse in the Bible. It says that we shouldn’t be conformed to the world in which we live.  Instead we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Until we start making God’s word the most important word in our lives we will always fall short in trusting Him, because we’ll allow other voices to stop us from totally leaning on God. However, when we start letting God’s word live large inside of us (Colossians 3:16) trusting God becomes easy. It becomes not our second nature, but our first nature, to go to Him with everything allowing Him to guide us, and provide for us more than we could ask, think, or even imagine.

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  1. always a blessing to have such wisdom shared from such a giver as Pastor Don. I’m going to enjoy these blogs and take to heart to learn more and share the word.

  2. I love your teachings pastor which i would of never slipped but i sure am glad im back in the right path… keep it coming pastor my heart yurns for more…..

  3. Amen Pastor Don I remember in the beginning of my walk, I did a lot of walking in frustration, due to the fact I wanted to grow quickly. I remember Daddy saying sit and relax in My Word and I promise you will grow and produce fruit. I had to learn how to renew my mind and trust God. In renewing my mind God showed me His will for my life and I took off and ran with it, trusting in His word and knowing His word would not return void.

  4. Until I started reading the word of God each day and spending time in Gods presence I wasn’t satisfied or fulfilled ,now that I do I have grown spiritually and there is nothing that can satisfy me like my relationship with God .Nothing or anyone can fill you like Jesus……I trust in God more and more each day .

  5. Amen

    Thank you Pastor for your guidance and teaching. We are grateful for all that you do in order to share the word of God with us.

  6. Amen

    Thank you Pastor for your guidance and teaching. We are grateful for all that you do in order to share the word of God with us.

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